About Us


Taking Games Seriously

Warcry Interactive will strive to change the direction of the gaming industry by offering the best games in the business with a high level of realism and quality gameplay.


Strategy At Heart

The company will make mobile casual games, action RPG and First Person Shooters. However the main focus of the company will be to revolutionize the strategy genre with a never seen before historical realism and immersion.


Taking Back Control

The gamer will always be able to count on Warcry to give the best experience and also to have the feedback result in improvements of the gameplay.




Texas Drop'Em is a game made for iOS and Android to be release Q4 of 2019. It features a new style of gameplay with elements from action games, casual games, puzzle games and poker.



Skull Cult is a zombie game in development for PC and Mac. It's an action filled game with a rich story about a hero trying to keep his friends alive in a world where monsters lurk around every corner. Follow the hero as he uncovers the source of the zombie outbreak.

Unlike many zombie themed games Skull Cult isn't a hack n' slash styled game. Instead it's focused on maneuvering unarmed and applying stealth tactics.  

Game Dev Legend


Game Dev Legend is a business management game in development aimed at being released during 2020.

The player takes on the role of a CEO running a small game studio during the early eras of the game industry. The game features research of new technologies, development of games and management of factory production among many things.